Do I need Bamboo Flooring Accessories?

Do I need Bamboo Flooring Accessories?

This entry was posted on July 31, 2019 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring accessories are often seen as an essential part of any room with bamboo flooring.  Firstly, they can add the finishing touches and secondly they cover any expansion gaps that have been left during installation. We have a wide range of bamboo flooring accessories to match all of our different types of bamboo floors.


What are bamboo flooring accessories?

Bamboo flooring accessories have been designed to match and complement your choice of flooring.  They add the finishing touches and cover up gaps around the edge of your room.  Here are some of the most popular bamboo flooring accessories:  

Bamboo Skirting Board these are used to cover the expansion gap around the edge of the room.  They sit on top of the bamboo flooring, against the wall. 

Bamboo Beadingthis is used if you already have existing skirting boards.  You will still need to leave an expansion gap, and then the beading sits on top of the bamboo flooring, against the skirting board. 

Bamboo Stair Nosingyou would use bamboo stair nosing if you are fitting bamboo flooring onto a stair case. The stair nosing sits at the edge of each step. 

Bamboo T Mouldinga T moulding is used to conceal an expansion gap in a doorway.  You would use a T moulding if the floor on both sides of the doorway is the same height. Carbonised_Vertical_Bamboo_T_Moulding

Bamboo ThresholdYou would use a threshold to conceal an expansion gap in a doorway if you have bamboo flooring on one side and carpet on the other. 

Bamboo Rampsometimes known as a ‘flush reducer’.  You would use this when you want to match your bamboo flooring to a floor that is at a lower level.  


What is an expansion gap?

An expansion gap is a small gap that is left around the edge of the room during installation.  A gap needs to be left so that the flooring can naturally expand and contract with changes in temperature and environment.  As a result, the gap gives the bamboo space to freely move into.  If a gap is not left, the bamboo will have no-where to move and could lift up or crack. 

Finally, for more detailed information, have a look at the following: Will my bamboo flooring need an expansion gap?