A guide to engineered bamboo flooring

A guide to engineered bamboo flooring

This entry was posted on March 7, 2016 by chris elliott

What is engineered bamboo flooring?

Engineered bamboo flooring has a layer of strand woven bamboo on the surface and a plywood base to give it extra strength, durability and stability. The base layer of plywood allows the flooring to be made into a wider board as it is more stable.


How is engineered bamboo flooring made?

Engineered bamboo flooring has a plywood base that runs perpendicular to the bamboo top layer.  The surface of the flooring is made from strand woven bamboo, which is extremely durable, and over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  To create the strand woven top layer, bamboo has been shredded into fibre strands that have then been compressed together under extreme heat and pressure to create a robust and durable flooring material.

Engineered bamboo flooring – what is a wear layer


What size are engineered bamboo flooring planks?

Engineered strand woven bamboo flooring is available with a plank size of 1850mm x 190mm x 14mm.


What fitting system does engineered bamboo flooring have?

Engineered bamboo flooring has a click fitting system, making installation more straightforward.


Where can engineered bamboo flooring be used?

Strand woven engineered bamboo flooring is extremely durable so is ideal for both commercial and residential use.  It can easily withstand footfall from high traffic areas such hallways, lounges and dining rooms and it can deal with changes in temperature and humidity so is perfect for conservatories and rooms with large amounts of glazing.


Can I use engineered bamboo flooring with underfloor heating?

es, our strand woven bamboo flooring has been approved to be used with underfloor heating systems.


How should I install engineered bamboo flooring?

Engineered bamboo flooring has a click fitting system so can easily be installed by either fixing it into position (glue down, screw down, nail down), or by laying it loosely over an underlay.

Which direction should I lay my bamboo floor


What are the benefits of engineered bamboo flooring?

It is extremely durable and dimensionally stable

It is available in two main colours (natural or carbonised)

It is available in a wider plank size

It is quick and easy to install

It can be fitted over any type of subfloor that has been properly prepared

It can be used with underfloor heating

It can be installed in rooms where humidity and temperature fluctuate

It can be used in residential or commercial properties

It is easy to clean and maintain