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A guide to solid horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring?

What is solid bamboo flooring?
Solid bamboo flooring is a plank of flooring made from thin strips of bamboo that have been dried and stuck together.  The whole plank of flooring is made from bamboo.

What is horizontal bamboo flooring?
Horizontal bamboo flooring has a wider grain pattern as the strips of bamboo have been glued together horizontally.

What is vertical bamboo flooring?
Vertical bamboo flooring has a more narrow grain pattern as the strips of bamboo have been glued together vertically.

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring - feature

How is solid bamboo flooring made?
Solid bamboo flooring is made by gluing together thin, flat strips of bamboo which have been dried. Depending upon the finish of the flooring, the strips are either glued together horizontally or vertically. The bamboo is then compressed under extreme heat and pressure to form the solid planks of flooring.

What size are solid bamboo flooring planks?
Solid bamboo flooring is usually available with one plank size: 960mm x 96mm x 15mm.

What fitting system does solid bamboo flooring have?
Solid bamboo flooring has a tongue and groove fitting system.

Where can solid bamboo flooring be used?
Solid bamboo flooring can be installed in any room in your house except rooms that have excess water like bathrooms.

Can I use solid bamboo flooring with underfloor heating?
No, solid bamboo flooring should not be used with underfloor heating systems.  Click fitting bamboo flooring is much better equipped to deal with changes in temperature than solid bamboo flooring.

How should I install solid bamboo flooring?
Solid bamboo flooring can either be fixed into position by gluing, nailing or screwing it directly to the sub floor, or it can be loose laid (floated) over an underlay.

What are the benefits of solid bamboo flooring?

  • It is a durable and versatile floor covering
  • It is available in two pattern grains (horizontal and vertical)
  • It is available in two main colours (natural or carbonised)
  • It is easy to install
  • It can be fixed into position or loose laid
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
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