Bamboo Flooring Care Guide

Bamboo Flooring Care Guide

This entry was posted on November 28, 2014 by chris elliott

Bamboo floors are known for their durability, strength and easy maintenance, but knowing how to care for your bamboo floor is essential to preserving its freshness and natural elegance.

Bamboo Flooring Care Guide

Clean your bamboo floor regularly

A build up of dirt and debris can be detrimental to you bamboo floor. If dirt, dust or grit is walked on it can cause scratches and damage to the surface and finish of your bamboo flooring. To prevent dirt from building up, you should clean your floor regularly.  

• Sweep your bamboo floor on a daily basis using a soft brush or broom.

• Clean your bamboo floor on a weekly basis using a wooden floor cleaner, for example a PH neutral wooden floor cleaning spray with a mop which has a removable microfiber cleaning pad.

• Water and a mop can be used to clean your bamboo floor, but ensure that the mop is wrung out entirely as excess water can cause your bamboo floor to warp and swell.

• Never use a steam mop to clean your bamboo floor as the heat and steam can penetrate the floor and cause irreparable damage.

• Wipe away any spills or dirt as soon as you notice them, using an absorbent cloth to ensure the liquid does not soak into your bamboo floor.

• Avoid using any products that may leave a slippery residue on your bamboo flooring, such as oils, waxes or furniture polish. Abrasive and acidic cleaning products should also be avoided.

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Try to prevent damage to your bamboo floor

Although a regular cleaning routine is important, another effective way to keep your floor looking lustrous and new is to try to prevent damage from happening in the first place.

• Use doormats at all entrance doors to catch any debris and moisture from outside.

• Ask family and visitors to remove their outdoor footwear before walking on your bamboo floor.

• Apply felt furniture protector pads to the bottom of furniture and heavy objects to stop marks and scratches.

• Do not drag or slide heavy or sharp objects across your bamboo floor – always lift, carry and place them down gently.

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Re-finish your bamboo floor if necessary

After a number of years, your bamboo floor may have lost its lustre and elegance. To revive the appearance of your floor, and to reseal and protect it from further damage you can sand it down and re-finish it using a wooden floor lacquer. It is advised that a professionally trained flooring expert, with knowledge of bamboo flooring carries out any re-finishing work. 


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