Bamboo Flooring Colours Explained

Bamboo Flooring Colours Explained

This entry was posted on August 17, 2021 by sam elliott

There are lots of different bamboo flooring colours to choose from, and you also have the choice of different styles of flooring too.  With over twenty different bamboo floors to choose from, you are sure to find something that matches or complements your décor.


Light colours of bamboo flooring

If you want a light-coloured bamboo floor, then you will want to stick with the natural bamboo tones and shades.  Natural bamboo is a golden shade with lighter and darker tones running throughout.  The raw bamboo has been left with its natural colour.  No stains have been added. The 4 bamboo floors in natural colour are: Horizontal, Vertical, Strand Woven and Parquet Block.


Dark colours of bamboo flooring

Dark coloured bamboo flooring has usually had a colour stain added to the surface.  This means that you are still getting a natural and sustainable flooring choice, with the added benefit of different colours to choose from. The three darkest bamboo floors are: Chestnut, Autumn Hazelnut and Antique Taupe.


Grey colours of bamboo flooring

Grey bamboo flooring has been very popular over the last few years, and we now offer three different shades of grey bamboo.  All slightly different, but all give a clean, fresh and minimalist feel.  Which one will you choose: Stone Grey, Pebble or Antique Taupe?


Strand woven bamboo flooring

Strand woven bamboo is by far the most popular type of bamboo flooring.  It is durable, versatile, hard wearing, easy to look after and sustainable.  To find out more about the benefits of bamboo, read our Guide to Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring. We have a number of different colours in our strand woven range, including, Natural, Carbonised, Rustic and Stone Grey.


Parquet block bamboo flooring

If you are looking for something slightly different then why not have a look at our beautiful parquet block bamboo flooring?  It is made from strand woven bamboo so is over twice as hard as Oak and looks amazing!  The four colour choices are:  Natural, Carbonised, Chestnut and Stone Grey.

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