Bamboo Flooring Constructions Explained 

Bamboo Flooring Constructions Explained 

This entry was posted on July 17, 2018 by chris elliott

Bamboo Flooring comes in three main construction types; horizontal, vertical and strand woven.  The same kind of bamboo is used for each construction type, but just in a different way.  Furthermore, the different bamboo flooring construction types create slightly different looking flooring with different strengths.


Horizontal Bamboo Flooring Construction

Horizontal bamboo flooring is made from strips of bamboo that have been glued together horizontally.  This creates a wider and more evident grain pattern to the surface of the floor.  Horizontal bamboo is versatile and durable.  It has a strength comparable to Oak flooring and can be installed over most types of subfloors.  It can be either floated over an underlay or fixed directly down to the subfloor.  Finally, you can find horizontal bamboo flooring in two different colours, either natural or carbonised bamboo. 


Vertical Bamboo Flooring Construction

Vertical Bamboo Flooring is made from strips of bamboo that have been glued together vertically.  The surface of the flooring has a narrow grain pattern, with the traditional knots of bamboo less evident. Vertical bamboo flooring is also very versatile and durable.  It is as strong as Oak flooring and can be fitted easily over an underlay or fixed to the subfloor.  Furthermore, vertical bamboo flooring comes in two main colours; natural or carbonised


Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Construction

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing which makes it ideal for busy or commercial areas. In addition to this, it has been proven to be over twice as hard as Oak flooring. This strength comes from the way that it has been constructed.  Strands of bamboo have been compressed together to form the planks of flooring.  There are different colour choices of strand woven bamboo including natural, carbonised, stone grey, chestnut brown and rustic.  You will also have the choice of normal flooring planks or parquet block flooring. Strand woven bamboo is versatile and can be floated over an underlay or glued to the existing subfloor.  In addition, some types of bamboo flooring can even be used with underfloor heating. 

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