Bamboo Flooring Trends for 2019

Bamboo Flooring Trends for 2019

This entry was posted on March 4, 2019 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring has become more and more popular over recent years. It is a natural product with the added benefit of sustainability and durability.  As it has become more sought after, the range of bamboo flooring has grown to reflect this.  The colour choices, styles and sizes of the flooring has become more varied and there are also matching flooring accessories to add the finishing touches to the room.

Here are the top bamboo flooring trends for 2019:


1. Textured Flooring

First of all, textured or distressed flooring is becoming increasingly sought after.  Gone are the days of a shiny or glossy floor.  If you choose a textured floor, the surface will been slightly distressed.  This gives a textured effect which can add beautiful character and charm. It provides you with an aged and worn appearance which fits perfectly with either a traditional or modern home. 


2. Parquet Block Bamboo

Traditional parquet block flooring is centuries old and has gradually become more popular again.  Why not try a twist on the usual wooden parquet blocks, by opting for one of our beautiful bamboo parquet floors. You can make beautiful geometric patterns with the blocks of bamboo.  It will make your floor stand out from others, with eye catching designs and stunning colour tones.  You will also get the added bonus of our strand woven parquet block bamboo being over twice as hard as Oak flooring. 


3. Wide Planks of bamboo

Also, wide planks of flooring are set to become more popular this year.  They will look great in larger areas, which have space to show off their width.  Alternatively, they can also compliment a smaller room by giving the illusion of depth and volume.  Our bamboo flooring comes with different plank widths.  To achieve a wider plank, the bamboo must be engineered (not solid), in order for it to have sufficient stability.  Our wide plank bamboo flooring have a width of 190mm and you have a choice of either natural or carbonised. 


4. Grey Bamboo Flooring

Finally, grey coloured wood and bamboo flooring has been in trend for years and continues to be for 2019. Both pale grey and a mid-tone grey will dominate the market.  As a result, they offer you a clean and fresh-looking floor that will match almost any interior.  Our Stone Grey or Pebble Grey bamboo are great for almost any room in your home.