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Bamboo Parquet Block Patterns and Styles

Bamboo parquet block flooring has recently become very popular.  The small blocks of flooring can be fitted together to create beautiful and striking patterns.  Parquet wood flooring has always been popular, but with bamboo parquet blocks, you have the added benefits of a sustainable and extremely durable, natural floor.

Bamboo Parquet Block - Natural Bamboo Parquet Block - Natural

What is bamboo parquet block flooring?

Bamboo parquet block flooring is the same as wooden parquet block but made out of bamboo.  The flooring is made into blocks, rather than the traditional planks.  You will find the blocks much smaller than planks.  The parquet blocks are all a uniform size, which allows the floor fitter to create geometric patterns.

We have four different colours of parquet block bamboo:


All of our bamboo parquet block flooring is made from strand woven bamboo.  The blocks of flooring are made using compressed bamboo fibres.  As a result, this gives your floor extra strength and stability.  Have a look at our Guide to Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring for especially relevant information.

Bamboo Parquet Block - Carbonised Bamboo Parquet Block - Carbonised

Here are some of the patterns that can be created with our bamboo parquet blocks:


To create a herringbone style the parquet blocks should be laid out at a 45 degree angle.  As a result,  this will create a ‘v’ pattern with the blocks.  Herringbone is probably the most popular pattern to create.


To create the brickbond pattern, you would lay out the blocks of flooring in rows parallel to each other.  Each row would have a staggered start.  Consequently, the end result would be a flooring pattern that looks similar to rows of bricks.

 Basket Weave

To create a basket weave pattern, you would lay out the blocks at a 90 degree angle in sections.  This will provide you with a basket weave effect.  In order to do this, the length of the block must be divisible by the width.

Installing bamboo parquet block flooring can be quite tricky, so we would always recommend that you use a professional floor fitter.