Bamboo Plank or Parquet Block?

Bamboo Plank or Parquet Block?

Bamboo Plank or Parquet Block?

This entry was posted on March 13, 2021 by sam elliott

If you can’t decide between bamboo plank or parquet block then we are here to help!  You are making a great, eco-friendly and sustainable choice with bamboo flooring, so now you just need to know the difference between bamboo plank or parquet block. First and foremost, the main difference is the size of the flooring.  Secondly, there is a difference in how it is installed and the finished look of the flooring.  Both plank and parquet are made using the same bamboo in the same way, so are the same strength, durability and easy to clean.


What is bamboo plank flooring?

Plank flooring is the longer, single planks of flooring.  They do come in different sizes but are generally between a meter and two meters in length, and between 10cm and 20cm in width. Sometimes plank flooring is also called 1-strip flooring.  You can find planks of bamboo flooring in solid bamboo, engineered bamboo and strand woven bamboo.  Most of our plank flooring has a click fitting system, but some do have the more traditional tongue and groove profile.  You can choose to either float the floor over an underlay or fix it into position.

Bamboo plank flooring gives a stylish and tasteful feel to your home.  It suits all styles and sizes of property and you can install it in almost any room in your home.


What is bamboo parquet block flooring?

Parquet blocks are much smaller than planks of flooring.  Our bamboo parquet is 45cm long and 9cm wide.  This allows you to create beautiful geometric patterns, which will give you a truly stunning floor. The most common pattern created is herringbone, although you can also achieve brick bond and basket weave.  All of our bamboo parquet block flooring has a tongue and groove fitting system and must be glued to the subfloor.  Our full range of parquet block flooring is made from strand woven bamboo, which means it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring, making it great for busy areas. Visually, bamboo parquet block creates a stunning and sensational floor.  You are getting a natural product which looks truly amazing and will transform any style of room.  


Should I choose bamboo plank or parquet block?

Here is a quick guide to both types of flooring:  

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