Brown Coloured Bamboo Floors

Brown Coloured Bamboo Floors

This entry was posted on June 27, 2022 by sam elliott

Brown coloured bamboo floors are very popular at the moment.  Whether you choose dark, medium or light brown, the tones of the bamboo are sure to match any décor and transform your home.  A fresh, new floor can really make a difference to a home, especially in the right shade of brown.


How is a brown coloured bamboo floor achieved?

The natural colour of bamboo is a golden, pale blonde colour, so in order to achieve a brown coloured floor the bamboo can either be carbonised or stained. A carbonised bamboo floor is when the raw bamboo is smoked before it is made into planks of flooring.  This means that the whole of the bamboo has changed colour.  The carbonisation process changes the bamboo into a medium brown coffee colour.  If you are looking for a darker brown bamboo floor, then you might want to think about a stained floor.  This is where the planks of bamboo have had a colour stain added to the surface.  A richer, darker brown colour can be achieved with a stain.


What options do I have?

There are a few different brown coloured flooring options:

  • Carbonised plank - a medium brown coloured plank style flooring


  • Carbonised rustic – a medium brown coloured floor with rustic black streaks running throughout


  • Carbonised parquet block - a medium brown colour floor in a parquet block style


  • Chestnut plank – a dark rich brown coloured plank style flooring


  • Chestnut parquet block – a dark rich brown coloured floor in a parquet block style


  • Autumn Hazelnut plank – a medium to dark brown warm coloured plank style flooring


Alternatively, we have natural bamboo flooring in a range of shades and styles.  We also have two different shades of grey: pebble grey and stone grey. Also, remember that you can always order free samples of our flooring if you would like to see the exact colours.

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