Can bamboo flooring add value to a property?

Can bamboo flooring add value to a property?

This entry was posted on August 8, 2018 by chris elliott

Bamboo flooring can most definitely add value to your home.  Bamboo is a great choice as it has so many advantages and it is quickly becoming known as the eco-friendly alternative to hardwood.  A bamboo floor is a beautiful and natural product with the added advantage of its hygienic and sustainable properties.  Knowing exactly how much value it could add to you home is impossible, but here are some reasons why we love bamboo:


How can bamboo flooring add value to my property?

• Bamboo flooring is sought after as it is a ‘green’ alternative to hardwood flooring.

• Choosing a bamboo floor means that you are investing for the long term. Bamboo floors can last for a lifetime of looked after properly.  You also have the option to sand the bamboo and reseal it in years to come.  This will help to revive its natural beauty.

• A bamboo floor is timeless. It is not likely to go out of fashion in a few years, like a carpet may do.  It will match any décor making it easy to redecorate the room.

• Strand woven bamboo flooring is extremely hardwearing. This means that it is less likely to become damaged and scratches like some hardwood floors.

• Choosing bamboo flooring means that you are getting a natural and beautiful floor covering. It can add sophistication and warmth to your property.

• Bamboo flooring is far more reasonably priced than hardwood floors.

• All types of bamboo flooring can be easily cleaned and looked after.



Why should I choose bamboo flooring?

Not only will a bamboo floor add value to your property, it has many other advantages:

• Eco-friendly and sustainable floor covering.

• Natural and hygienic.

• Wide selection of colours, sizes and styles of floor.

• Great choice for allergy sufferers.

• Versatile and durable.

• Use in most rooms in your property (not advisable in rooms with excess water).

• Easy to install.

• Use with underfloor heating.

• Easy to look after.

• Choice of either plank flooring or parquet block flooring.


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