Can I clean my bamboo floor with a steam mop?

Can I clean my bamboo floor with a steam mop?

This entry was posted on October 17, 2014 by chris elliott

Although steam mops are a popular and hygienic way to clean vinyl and tile floors, they can cause serious damage to bamboo and hardwood floors.

Can I clean my bamboo floor with a steam mop

Bamboo floors are known for their durability and ability to be resistant to water and fluctuations in temperature, however, the steam from a steam mop would penetrate the bamboo by getting in between the joints of the planks. The bamboo would then absorb this steam or water and will eventually warp, discolour and distort. Water or steam damage of this nature can be disastrous to all types of bamboo flooring and is often impossible to repair.

The best way to clean your bamboo floor is to use products specifically designed for bamboo or hardwood floors, such as a spray mop with a removable microfiber pad and a PH neutral cleaning spray. Alternatively a regular mop and water can be used as long as the mop is wrung out totally so that it is only slightly damp. Excess water on a mop can cause the same damage as a steam mop as the bamboo flooring will absorb the water and begin to swell. 

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