Can I fit Bamboo Flooring underneath my kitchen?

Can I fit Bamboo Flooring underneath my kitchen?

This entry was posted on August 6, 2019 by chris elliott

A question we get asked quite a lot is ‘Can I fit bamboo flooring underneath my kitchen?’.  Our answer is always No.  You can use a bamboo floor in a kitchen area, but it must not be installed underneath any kitchen units. Furthermore, bamboo flooring must be able to freely move and if it is fitted underneath fixed cabinets, it cannot expand and contract sufficiently. 

This can lead to long term, irreparable damage, resulting in needing a new floor.  


How to fit a bamboo floor in a kitchen

Always fit the kitchen cabinets and units first.  Then make sure that the subfloor is clean, level and dry.   Fit your bamboo flooring around the cabinets, leaving sufficient room for expansion and contraction of the bamboo.  You will not notice that the bamboo is fitted around the cabinets as any gaps can be covered up with your kitchen kick boards or bamboo flooring accessories. For additional information, have a look at our Installation and Fitting Guide. 


Which type of floor should I use in my kitchen?

Strand woven bamboo is the strongest and most durable type of bamboo flooring, making it ideal for a kitchen area.  When fitted correctly, it can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, which are common features in a kitchen.  Bamboo is fairly resilient, but not waterproof, so be sure to wipe away any liquid spills straight away. We have many different colours and styles of strand woven bamboo flooring to choose from.  Here are some of our most popular:

Natural Bamboo

Carbonised Bamboo

Stone Grey Bamboo

Parquet Block Bamboo

Rustic Bamboo


If you would like further advice about fitting your bamboo floor around a kitchen area, please call one of our technically trained staff, who will be happy to help.