Can I float a solid bamboo floor?

Can I float a solid bamboo floor?

This entry was posted on September 2, 2020 by sam elliott

Yes you can float a solid bamboo floor.  Bamboo flooring is much more dimensionally stable than hardwood so even solid bamboo can be floated over an underlay.  Sometimes you will hear the term ‘loose laying’ a floor, which is just the same as floating.  There are two exception to this:

• Firstly, parquet block bamboo must be fixed down to the subfloor, not floated.

• Secondly if you are using solid strand woven bamboo in a commercial property, it must be glued down to give a more solid base.

solid bamboo floor being floated


What is a solid bamboo floor?

There are two types of solid bamboo flooring.  Firstly you have horizontal and vertical solid bamboo, where strips of bamboo are glued together to form the planks of flooring.  Secondly you have strand woven solid bamboo.  Here the bamboo fibres are shredded and compressed together to form a plank or parquet block of flooring. 

Please be aware that if you choose solid parquet block bamboo flooring this must be fixed into position and cannot be floated. 


How do I float it?

Floating a bamboo floor is easy.  You will need the correct underlay depending whether you have underfloor heating or require any thermal or sound resistance.  Then if you have click fitting solid bamboo, you simply click and lock the joins together.  If you have tongue and groove bamboo then you would fit the tongues in the grooves and secure then using WPVA glue.  The bamboo does not need to be fixed down, it will sit loosely (or float) over the underlay. [


How else can I install it?

If you don’t want to float your floor you have the option on fixing it down to the subfloor.  This can be done in a number of ways depending on what your subfloor is made from.  Your options would be gluing it down with a flexible flooring adhesive, or using secret nails or screws to secure it into place.  Finally, if you are unsure of the best way to install you floor, please contact us for advice.

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