Can I polish my bamboo floor?

Can I polish my bamboo floor?

Can I polish my bamboo floor?

This entry was posted on March 24, 2022 by sam elliott

No, you should not polish your bamboo floor.  Using furniture polish will leave a slippery residue on the surface of you floor, which could be very dangerous and cause slips and falls.  Polish would also be very difficult to remove from your bamboo floor. If you floor is looking dull and tired, there are some products that you could use to revive the lustre and shine.

Here are some products that are suitable to sue on your bamboo floor to restore its natural beauty and sheen:

Bona Wood Floor Refresher

Bona Freshen Up


What is the best way to clean my bamboo floor?

The best way to clean your bamboo floor is to stick to a regular cleaning routine.  This will ensure that you floor always looks fresh and new, and it will help to prevent unwanted dents and scratches to the surface of your bamboo.  Sweeping on a daily basis will really help and is quick and easy to do.  Try to use a soft bristle brush and gently sweep away any visible dust or dirt.  Then we would recommend cleaning your floor at least once a week with a wooden floor cleaning product.  We have a wide range of cleaning products, all suitable for bamboo floors. pH neutral cleaning products with a microfibre mop would be ideal, as they are gentle but effective. If you notice any liquid or water spills on your floor, try to wipe them away immediately.  If liquid id left to soak into your floor, it can cause stains and damage. 


What cleaning products should I avoid?

Always make sure that any product you use has been specifically designed and formulated for use on either wooden or bamboo flooring. 

Avoid using a steam mop, furniture polish or any products with harsh or abraisve properties.