Case Study - Stockport, Greater Manchester

Case Study - Stockport, Greater Manchester

Case Study - Stockport, Greater Manchester

This entry was posted on March 22, 2023 by sam elliott

Low carbon, sustainably designed house using natural horizontal bamboo flooring throughout the ground floor and staircase


Roger has used solid natural horizontal bamboo flooring in this amazing, brand new, low carbon, sustainably designed detached house.  The sustainable design covers both the construction and the performance of the house.  It has been Passivhaus certified and has renewable energy which will allow it to be zero carbon in operation.  Roger felt that the eco-friendly and sustainable properties of bamboo flooring aligned perfectly with this concept.


When designing his new home, Roger was keen to use a natural flooring material.  He also looked at different options of hardwood flooring but decided upon Natural Horizontal Bamboo along with matching stair nosing to add the finishing touches to the staircase.  Roger loved the “high quality, appearance, longevity and sustainably sourced features of bamboo”.  He felt that it contributed to the concept of the low carbon construction of his timber framed and timber clad house.

Bamboo is a sustainable product that is hard wearing and durable, making it the perfect choice for Roger’s new low carbon home.  Bamboo is a fast-growing grass with a harvesting process that allows the bamboo root to self re-generate so that the forest continues to produce abundant crops year on year.


Horizontal bamboo flooring is made from solid strips of bamboo, which have been kept at their natural golden colour.  The planks of flooring have a wide grain pattern, showing off the distinctive knots which are characteristic of bamboo.  Roger chose to use bamboo flooring throughout all principal living areas of the ground floor, including the lounge, dining area, kitchen, snug and entrance hall, in addition to this amazing staircase.


The staircase has been beautifully designed to expose the natural beauty of the bamboo flooring.  The edges of each step have been left open to reveal the structure of the planks of flooring. Roger has also chosen to use matching stair nosing to finish off each step.

 “The bamboo faced staircase is a feature at the entrance to the house.  The joiner did an excellent job using the flooring and nosing particularly on the tapered winding sections.”

Roger, Greater Manchester