This entry was posted on February 12, 2021 by sam elliott

Carbonised strand woven bamboo flooring through the upstairs of a fully refurbished coach house.

While Joe was completely refurbishing this 200-year-old coach house, he wanted a hard floor to go upstairs, which complemented the style and features of the rest of house.  Downstairs has a parquet wooden floor, and a new oak staircase was installed during the renovation.  Joe was looking for new flooring for three bedrooms, a dressing room and upstairs corridor.  He knew that he wanted and hard-wearing floor that is sustainable so when he came across bamboo flooring, it was the perfect match! 

Joe, “liked the sustainability and also the hardness rating when compared to oak.” Carbonised strand woven bamboo flooring is ideal for Joe’s house.  The way in which the bamboo strands have been woven together give it additional strength and durability.  The warm brown carbonised colour works really well with the painted brick interior of the bedrooms and corridor. Joe thinks that “the floor looks excellent and blends in very well with the old parquet downstairs and the oak staircase that links the two levels.”


We love the continuity of the bamboo floor throughout the upstairs rooms.  The corridor links the rooms together, providing a sophisticated and stylish ambience.

Bamboo flooring is a great eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option.  The bamboo grass grows extremely quickly meaning that it can be harvested every five years, compared to decades for hardwood trees. It also continues to grow from the root so there is no deforestation or the need to re-plant the crop. The eco-credentials of the flooring were important to Joe and played a large part of deciding which floor to choose.


“The floor was laid by the builder who did all the conversion work on the house. He was impressed by the ease of fitting and also commented on the hardness when cutting. This was the first time he had worked with bamboo. The flooring is so easy to look after, with no need for polish or oiling which is a real bonus.  The only other comment I have is that I really liked the smell of it when it was being cut!"

 Joe – Fakenham, Norfolk