This entry was posted on October 6, 2020 by sam elliott

Ground Floor and Garage Renovation Creating Large Open Plan Area using Natural Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

parquet bamboo floor


When Stuart decided to renovate his garage to create a large open plan living space, he knew exactly which floor to use.  He had used bamboo flooring in a previous home and liked its sustainability so decided to use it again. This time Stuart chose Natural Strand Woven Parquet Block, which looks stunning in this large new renovated space. 

The golden tones of the flooring really complement the white walls, allowing the family to add pops of colour with their furnishings.


The garage has been fully renovated and integrated into the ground floor of their detached property. This has created Stuart and his family an open plan kitchen, dining room, living area and playroom of over 60m².  Although Stuart always had bamboo in mind for his new flooring, he knew that he needed a strong and durable floor to cope with the wear and tear of a busy household with young children and dogs.  Strand woven bamboo was a great choice as it is twice as hard as Oak flooring making it the perfect floor for busy areas and for a home with dogs. Bamboo flooring is easy to look after and keep clean, which is crucial for a family with two small children and pets!  This particular bamboo floor also appealed to Stuart and his family as it can be used with underfloor heating.

natural bamboo parquet block flooring


The parquet block bamboo flooring can be laid in different geometric patterns, which allow you to be creative with your floor. Here, Stuart and his family chose to use the most traditional way of fitting parquet block; herringbone. The large open plan space really puts the flooring on show.  We love the flowing herringbone pattern throughout the space that Stuart has created.  The natural colour of the bamboo flooring really helps to add a bright and airy feeling to this truly amazing space.


Stuart is really pleased with his flooring and the exceptional customer service from the staff at The Bamboo Flooring Company. Installation was easy enough and did not take long at all, the finished floor looks fantastic and is easily standing up to the daily hardship of two young children and dogs! Have already recommended The Bamboo Flooring Company to friends.”

Stuart from Grange-Over-Sands, Cumbria