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Bungalow Renovation Project with Stone Grey Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring.

Keith and Jeanette from Warwickshire have recently renovated their bungalow.  The project involved new flooring for the lounge, hallway and porch.  They wanted continuity throughout these rooms but were initially unsure of which flooring to use.


Oak flooring was one option as they have it in another areas of their home, and Luxury Vinyl flooring was another possibility.  After visiting the Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC Keith and Jeanette were very impressed with the quality of our bamboo flooring.  At the show, they were able to look at samples and were keen to use bamboo flooring because of its sustainability and low cost compared to wooden flooring.  We have over twenty different types of bamboo flooring, and Keith and Jeanette opted for strand woven stone grey parquet block bamboo, which they feel “looks very on trend”, and we agree!  


The parquet block really looks amazing, giving all of the rooms a distinctive appearance and the stone grey colour complements the interior décor superbly.  This particular type of flooring is made from strand woven bamboo, which is very hard wearing and durable, making it the perfect floor covering for any busy areas, such as hallways, porches and living spaces.  Parquet block bamboo flooring can be fitted in a number of different ways, all which create stunning geometric patterns.  Keith and Jeanette opted for a herringbone pattern, and we love the way that the flooring flows throughout these rooms.


grey parquet flooring in porch


Keith and Jeanette feel that the customer service at The Bamboo Flooring Company has “exceeded our expectations; from knowledge of products you offer to advice on fitting flooring”, and they would “highly recommend” us and our flooring to others.


stone grey bamboo in lounge


“We are very happy with our flooring, the overall appearance is very on trend at the moment, the Grey colour looks great as there is a variation with shades this enhances overall appearance and compliments contrast colours within the rooms.  We chose an experienced fitter who has fitted flooring for us in the past which was well worth waiting a few weeks for him to be available, it was the first time he had fitted Bamboo and he was very impressed with the ease of fitting & overall finish when he had completed it .”

Keith & Jeanette from Warwickshire


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