Cleaning tips and advice for bamboo floors

Cleaning tips and advice for bamboo floors

This entry was posted on July 29, 2022 by sam elliott

With a new bamboo floor, it is always best to get some cleaning tips and advice.  Generally, you can treat it like a wooden floor by sweeping and mopping to keep it clean.  To find out more great cleaning tips and advice for bamboo floors, keep reading!


Top tips and advice for cleaning your bamboo floor

Firstly, we would strongly recommend that you sweep your bamboo floor every day, with a soft bristle brush.  This will remove any dust, dirt or debris that has made its way onto your floor. The reason for doing this, is because if you walk on any dirt or grit on your floor, you may cause dents or small scratches. Next, we suggest that you clean the surface of your floor.  You don’t need to do this everyday, just when you feel necessary.  This will, of course, depend on how often you use the room with the bamboo floor in.  The best way to clean your bamboo floor is to use a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaning solution. Bona wood floor spray mops are great as they have everything you need altogether in one place. Be very careful what cleaning solutions you are using.  It must be suitable for wooden floors.  Please avoid anything that is harsh or abrasive, as it can cause damage to the bamboo. 

Also, if you are using a wet mop, try to wring it out as much as possible so that water isn’t left to soak into the bamboo. Finally, don’t use a steam mop – the heat and steam will damage your floor. One way to prevent dirt getting to your floor in the first place is to use doormats at all entrance doors and remove your footwear before walking on your bamboo floor. If your floor is looking a bit dull, it might just need a quick freshen up with your wooden floor cleaning solution.  Please don’t use furniture polish on your new floor.  It will become very slippery and it is extremely hard to get rid of. 

Quick guide:

• Sweep every day

• Clean as often as needed

• Use the correct cleaning products

• Never use a steam mop

• Never use furniture polish

• Prevent dirt by using doormats and removing footwear