Dark coloured bamboo flooring options

Dark coloured bamboo flooring options

This entry was posted on April 6, 2022 by sam elliott

When it comes to dark coloured bamboo flooring, you have a few different options.  A darker brown floor can really help to add character and elegance to your home.  It will complement a light or bright interior, and the look can be completed with your style of furnishings and décor.

We have five dark colours of bamboo flooring:


Which dark coloured bamboo flooring should I choose?

This really depends on your personal preference, and your interior décor. The five different shades of brown all offer slightly different elements.  If you have a large space, which is bright and airy, then you could easily opt of our darkest brown – Chestnut.  This also looks great if you have bright and bold coloured furnishings. If you don’t want to go too dark, then we would recommend either Carbonised or Autumn Hazelnut. Carbonised is a brighter colour, whereas Autumn Hazelnut is a softer and more subtle shade of dark brown. Antique taupe is a great option if you are undecided between brown and grey.  It offers you a contrast between the two, whilst still looking luxurious and chic.  Alternatively, Carbonised Rustic bamboo offers a dark brown floor with additional black streaks running throughout.  This looks great in traditional homes or country cottages.

If you are interested in how these different colours are created, have a read of: How are the different bamboo flooring colours created? 


Want something different?

If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not try the following:

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