Does Bamboo Flooring need treating after installation?

Does Bamboo Flooring need treating after installation?

This entry was posted on May 23, 2018 by chris elliott

All of the bamboo flooring that we sell has already be pre-finished.  This means that the surface of the bamboo flooring has already been treated and protected.  Your bamboo floor will have been finished with lacquer.  Multiple layers of lacquer are added to the top of the bamboo floor.  This helps to protect it from daily wear and tear and also gives it a beautiful surface sheen.


Can I use my bamboo floor as soon as it has been installed?

Yes, as soon as your bamboo floor has been installed it can be walked on.  There is no need to add additional layers of lacquer or oil to the surface as it has already been sufficiently treated and protected.  The only time when you would need to treat your floor after installation is if your purchase an unfinished wooden floor.  Most types of bamboo floor are pre-finished so you do not need to worry about treating it after installation.

Solid Carbonised Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring in Lounge

Will I need to sand a re-seal my bamboo flooring in the future?

If you look after your bamboo floor carefully then you may not need to sand and re-seal your bamboo floor.  If however, in years to come you would like to re-finish your floor to liven it up, or to remove a stain, then you can.  It is important to remember that the whole area of bamboo will need sanding and refinishing, not just part of it.  You will need to remove all of the furniture from the room and clean the floor first.  We would strongly recommend using a professional floor fitter and finisher to do this job.  It is quite complex and requires specialist equipment.  


How can I protect my bamboo floor from damage?

Once your new bamboo floor has been installed, you will more than likely want to keep it looking fresh and protect it from potential damage.  There are a few steps you can take:

• Always wipe away spills from the surface of the bamboo so that it does not soak into your floor.

• Remove outdoor, wet or dirty shoes before walking on your bamboo floor.

• Sweep away any dirt, grit or stones immediately so that they do not scratch or dent your bamboo floor.

• Add felt protector pads to the bottom of any furniture or heavy objects. This will reduce the risk of the furniture scratching your floor.

Felt protector pads on bamboo flooring