Guide to Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Guide to Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on December 11, 2018 by chris elliott

What is strand woven bamboo flooring?

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a type of bamboo flooring that has been made in a particular way to give it additional strength and durability.  The planks of flooring have been tested and are over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  This makes it perfect for most rooms in your home and even suitable for commercial use.

You will be able to find strand woven bamboo flooring in a range of colours and styles. The colours include: Natural bamboo, carbonised bamboo, chestnut brown, stone grey, pebble grey and ivory white.  Most of our strand woven bamboo is plank flooring but we also have a selection of parquet block strand woven bamboo. 



How is strand woven bamboo flooring made?

Strand woven bamboo is made by using the bamboo fibres.  These are compressed together to form the plank of flooring.  The fitting system is then added, and the planks are finally sanded and finished with protective layers of lacquer.  This method of construction makes strand woven bamboo extremely durable, hard wearing and stable. For more information, have a look at our article: How is bamboo flooring made?  


What size are the strand woven flooring planks?

The thickness, length and width of the planks vary depending upon the style of floor that you choose. The size of the plank that you choose can alter how the flooring will look.  A wider plank can be great for larger areas, and a narrow plank can give the illusion of a longer or bigger space.  The thickness of the plank that you choose may depend upon the space you have between your sub floor and internal doors. You also have the choice of strand woven parquet block flooring.  These are smaller blocks of flooring that can be put together to create geometric patterns, like herringbone, basket weave or brick bond.  Have a look at the following for further information: What is parquet block bamboo flooring? 


What fitting system does strand woven bamboo flooring have?

Most of our strand woven bamboo flooring has a click fitting system.  This makes the installation process more straight forward. The planks simply click and lock together.  We do also have strand woven bamboo with a tongue and groove fitting profile. The tongues and grooves will need gluing together to create a secure fit.  The choice is mainly down to personal preference.  There is no different between the actual floors. With either fitting profile, you have the choice of floating over an underlay or fixing down to the sub floor. Both fitting systems create a beautiful and seam free looking floor. If you would like to know more about installing bamboo flooring, see our Bamboo Flooring Installation Guide.  


Where can strand woven bamboo flooring be used?

Strand woven bamboo is versatile and can be used in most areas in your home.  Here are some ideas of where you can use strand woven bamboo flooring:

• Living areas

• Hallways

• Bedrooms

• Home office or study

• Children playrooms or nurseries

• Dining room

• Kitchens

• Conservatories

• Stair cases

Bamboo flooring is dimensionally stable so can be used in rooms where temperature fluctuates like conservatories.  Some types of strand woven bamboo can be used with underfloor heating. As strand woven bamboo is hard wearing and durable it is also suitable to be used in commercial properties. The only areas that is it not suitable for use is places with excess water like bathrooms or wet rooms.  


How do I look after strand woven bamboo flooring?

Looking after any type of bamboo flooring is easy.  First of all, you will need to sweep on a regular basis to ensure there is not a build up of dust or dirt.  Secondly, you clean your floor with a wooden floor cleaning spray and mop. You will find that this keeps you floor looking fresh and new. There are some steps that you can take to prevent damage to your floor.  We would recommend that you remove foot wear before walking on your bamboo.  Also, wipe away any spills immediately.  Finally, you can protect you floor by adding felt protector pads to the bottom of furniture or heavy items. For more tips and advice, read through our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide.   [caption id="attachment_44" align="aligncenter" width="364"] Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop[/caption]


What are the benefits of strand woven bamboo flooring?

• Firstly, it is extremely durable and hard wearing – over twice as hard as Oak flooring.

• Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring.

• You can use strand woven bamboo in most rooms in your home. It is very versatile.

• Some types of strand woven can be used with underfloor heating.

• You will find it easy to install. It can be installed over most types of sub floor.

• Once your bamboo flooring is installed, it is easy to look after.

• Finally, you can find strand woven bamboo at a very cost-effective price, compared to wooden flooring.

• There is sure to be something that you will love.  There is a wide range of styles and colours to choose from.