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Guide to Tongue and Groove Bamboo Flooring

Tongue and groove bamboo flooring relates to the fitting method of the floor.  Bamboo flooring, like any hardwood floors, can be found with either a tongue and groove fitting profile or a click fitting system.  Both types of floor are made from the same type of bamboo in the same way, they just have a different fitting profile added.  Once they are installed, they look and feel the same. T&G flooring is the traditional method of fitting, that has been used for decades.  It gives the floor a tight fit.

https://www.bambooflooringcompany.com/all-flooring/construction-type/solid-bamboo-flooring/solid-natural-vertical-bamboo-flooring.html Natural Vertical Bamboo Flooring

What exactly is tongue and groove bamboo flooring?

The planks of bamboo flooring have a long and short side with a protruding edge (the tongue), and a long and short side with an indented edge (the groove).  The planks of flooring have been  designed so that the tongues fit effortlessly into the grooves, creating a smooth floor.

Tongue and Groove flooring, which is also abbreviated to T&G, is a fitting profile that is mainly found on solid bamboo and wooden floors.  The typical ways of installing T&G bamboo are to either glue or nail it down to the subfloor.  Alternatively you can float it over an underlay.  If you choose to float T&G bamboo over an underlay, you must glue the joints together with WPVA glue.

Cross section of a plank of T&G bamboo flooring

When would I need a T&G bamboo floor?

Some types of bamboo flooring are only available with a T&G fitting profile.  So, depending on which floor you have chosen, it may have a tongue and groove fit.  Here are some examples of bamboo floors which have a T&G fitting profile:

 If you would like any more information about different types of bamboo flooring, please have a look at our Guide to Bamboo Flooring.

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