Has carbonised bamboo flooring been stained?

Has carbonised bamboo flooring been stained?

This entry was posted on July 30, 2014 by chris elliott

No, carbonised bamboo flooring is not stained. It is darker in colour than natural bamboo flooring because it has been smoked in an industrial kiln during the manufacturing process. This process of smoking (or carbonising) creates a darker, more coffee coloured bamboo.

Has carbonised bamboo flooring been stained

To create the carbonised effect, the strips or strands of bamboo are firstly boiled and dried, and then smoked under extreme heat and pressure to achieve the desired effect. They are then made into the bamboo flooring planks in exactly the same way as natural bamboo flooring. Carbonised bamboo flooring accessories and mouldings are also available to accompany your choice of flooring.

The range includes skirting, beading, pipe covers, stair nosing, thresholds, flush reducers and T mouldings. Carbonised_Vertical_Bamboo_T_Moulding

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