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Horizontal or Vertical Bamboo Flooring?

The choice between horizontal or vertical bamboo is purely down to personal choice and aesthetics. Both are made from solid strips of bamboo that have been glued together and compressed to form planks of flooring.  Both horizontal and vertical bamboo are the same strength and durability.  They are available in the same two colour options; natural and carbonised.

If you would like further details about how these types of flooring are made, have a look at the following:

How is horizontal bamboo flooring made?

How is vertical bamboo flooring made?

Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Flooring in Natural

What is horizontal bamboo flooring?

Horizontal bamboo flooring has a wide visible grain pattern.  This allows you to appreciate the natural knots and grain pattern of the bamboo.  The thin strips of bamboo have been glued together horizontally so that you can admire the natural and distinctive beauty of the bamboo grain.

Natural Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

What is vertical bamboo flooring?

Vertical bamboo flooring has a narrow grain pattern.  This allows you to see glimpses of the knot pattern of the bamboo.  The thin strips of bamboo have been glued together vertically which gives a remarkable insight into the elegance and splendour of the bamboo.

Carbonised Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Should I choose horizontal or vertical bamboo?

Both horizontal or vertical bamboo have the same benefits and properties.  The only difference is the direction that the bamboo has been glued. Consequently this gives a different grain pattern and appearance.  Horizontal has a wide grain pattern compared to vertical which has a narrow grain pattern.

You will then have the choice of colour.  Either a natural bamboo colour of golden and blonde tones, or a carbonised coffee brown colour. Both have a tongue and groove fitting system and can either be floated over an underlay or fixed into position with glue or nails.  We also have matching bamboo flooring accessories such as skirting, beading and door bars.

When choosing either bamboo flooring you are making an eco-friendly choice. Bamboo is a sustainable and fast-growing grass.  The flooring is durable and adds a distinctive and fresh appearance to any room.

Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Flooring in Carbonised