How are the different bamboo flooring colours created?

How are the different bamboo flooring colours created?

This entry was posted on June 13, 2018 by chris elliott

When deciding on a bamboo floor for your home or property you are more than likely to choose a colour of flooring that suits your décor and furnishings.  

There are a few different colours to choose from, ranging from pale tones through to dark browns. You may be interested to know how the different bamboo flooring colours are created.


The different bamboo flooring colours:

 Natural bamboo flooring

Natural bamboo flooring is actually the natural colour of the bamboo plant.  Once the hard green outer part of the bamboo has been stripped away, the inside is a golden tone, which crates the natural bamboo colour. 


Carbonised bamboo flooring

Carbonised bamboo is a dark coffee brown colour.  The colour has been created by smoking or carbonising the raw bamboo before the planks of flooring are made.  This ensures that the bamboo flooring is the same colour throughout.


Chestnut bamboo flooring

Chestnut bamboo flooring is natural bamboo that has been colour stained.  The planks of bamboo flooring have been produced in natural bamboo and then a chestnut colour stain has been added to the surface before the top layers of lacquer. 


Stone Grey bamboo flooring

Stone grey bamboo flooring is also created using a colour stain. Natural bamboo is used to produce planks of flooring and then a grey colour stain is added.  The flooring is then finished off with protective layers of lacquer.

Rustic bamboo flooring

Rustic bamboo flooring comes in either natural or carbonised bamboo colour.  The planks of flooring are made and then just before they are lacquered, black streaks are added to the surface to give a rustic effect.

You may also find different bamboo flooring colours such as white, black or dark grey.  These will have been stained in a similar way to our chestnut and stone grey bamboo floors. To find out more about how the different types of bamboo flooring are made have a look at our blog article: How is bamboo flooring made?  

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