How is bamboo flooring carbonised?

How is bamboo flooring carbonised?

This entry was posted on July 9, 2021 by sam elliott

Carbonised bamboo is a colour of bamboo flooring that has darker brown tones than the natural golden shades of bamboo. Many think that this brown coffee colour is from a stain added to the surface.  This is incorrect.  The raw bamboo is ‘carbonised’, or smoked, during the manufacturing stage.


How is the bamboo carbonised?

The raw bamboo is carbonised during the manufacturing the flooring. To obtain this beautiful rich brown colour, the bamboo is smoked which changes the colour from its natural golden tone. Here is a quick guide to how it is done:

• After the bamboo is harvested, the outer green layer is removed.

• The remaining raw bamboo is cut into thin, flat strips (for horizontal or vertical flooring), or shredded into fibre strands (for strand woven flooring).

• The strips or strands are then naturally dried to remove any excess moisture.

• Next, the strips or strands are smoked under extreme heat to create a deep brown, coffee colour.

• The newly carbonised strips and strands are now checked for any imperfections before the production of the flooring begins.

• Finally, the bamboo is now made into planks or blocks of flooring.

The carbonisation process is very different from adding a colour stain to the bamboo.  A colour stain is only added to the surface of the planks of flooring, whereas a carbonised floor is the same colour throughout the whole plank.  


What is colour is it?

Carbonised bamboo flooring is a rich brown, coffee colour, with warming tones throughout.  Depending on which carbonised floor you choose, the grain patterns can look very different.  There are 4 types of carbonised bamboo flooring:





Strand Woven


Rustic Strand Woven


Why not order some free samples to take a better look at the different options. We also have matching bamboo flooring accessories, which can help to add the finishing touches to your room.  

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