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Is bamboo flooring good for conservatories?

Yes! We get asked the question, ‘Is bamboo flooring good for conservatories?’, quite a lot.  You will be pleased to know that bamboo is a great choice for conservatories.  When you buy bamboo flooring, you are investing in a durable, versatile and natural floor covering. The bamboo can safely adapt to the changes in temperature and humidity associated with conservatories.

You will also find bamboo a great choice for other rooms that have a large amount of glazing, like orangeries, or if you have a room with lots of large windows or doors.

The construction and stability of all types of bamboo flooring means that solid bamboo, engineered bamboo and strand woven bamboo can be used in conservatories.  Within our bamboo flooring range, we have a wide choice of colours, styles, grain patterns and surface finishes.  If you are looking for something hard wearing, then look at our strand woven bamboo, which is up to twice as hard as Oak.

Alternatively, you may prefer to choose by the colour of the bamboo floor.  Why not browse our dark, medium and light coloured floors.

Natural Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Why is bamboo flooring good for conservatories?

Firstly, bamboo is a natural type of floor covering, like wood.  However, bamboo is more stable than wood and can react to changes in its surroundings far better than wooden floors. All types of bamboo flooring can be used in your conservatory.  Both solid bamboo and engineered bamboo are both dimensionally stable.  Finally, your bamboo floor will expand and contract with the changes in temperature and humidity.  The bamboo can do this safely, without causing damage to the planks of flooring.