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Is Bamboo Flooring good for Hallways?

We often get asked the question, ‘Is bamboo flooring good for hallways?’  The answer is always yes.  Bamboo flooring is a great choice for your hallway.  Especially if you choose strand woven bamboo flooring.  Strand woven bamboo is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  So, if you choose it for your hallway, it will be able to withstand the daily wear and tear.  It looks elegant and chic, and low maintenance.

If you do choose a bamboo floor for your hallway, remember that it is not waterproof.  You may want to have a door mat at the front door.  This will help to catch any dirt, grit or water from outdoor footwear.  We would also advise that you remove any shoes or boots before walking on your bamboo floor.  If you do happen to get dirty or wet footprints on your bamboo, just clean them up straight away.

Solid Uniclic Stone Grey Strand Woven 135mm Bamboo Flooring Room Shot Stone Grey Strand Woven Bamboo in Hallway

Why is bamboo flooring good for hallways?

Bamboo flooring is a great choice for hallways for a number of reasons:

  • Strand woven bamboo flooring is strong and durable. It will be able to cope with the heavy footfall of a hallway.
  • You will find bamboo easy to clean and look after. You can easily sweep away dirt and dust. More stubborn stains can be removed with a wooden floor cleaning kit. To find out more about looking after a bamboo floor, have a look at our maintenance and care guide.
  • If you have underfloor heating in your hallway, most types of bamboo flooring are compatible.
  • You have a wide choice of colours and styles to choose from. Including, stone grey, ivory white, chestnut brown, carbonised and natural bamboo.
  • Some styles of bamboo flooring have an anti-slip lacquer. You will find this useful in a busy hallway.
  • Bamboo is a natural and elegant product. The hallway is often the first impression of your home.  What better way to wow them, than with a beautiful bamboo floor.