NEW Carbonised Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

NEW Carbonised Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on September 28, 2016 by chris elliott

Strand woven parquet block bamboo flooring is now in stock. It has a carbonised appearance, meaning that the bamboo has been smoked during the production of the blocks to give the flooring warm, coffee coloured tones.



It has a strand woven structure, which gives it strength and durability (it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring), and the blocks of flooring have been finished with protective coats of Bona’s anti-scratch lacquer. You can also rest assured that the bamboo has been responsibly sourced and manufactured. 



Parquet block flooring is extremely versatile and can add character and charm to any modern or more traditional space. This particular flooring is compatible with underfloor heating and has a tongue and groove fitting profile, which allows the blocks to be fitted in such a way that geometric patterns can be created. The most popular choices of patterns are herringbone, basket weave and brickbond. Please have a look at our Solid Carbonised Strand Woven Bamboo Parquet Block flooring in more detail.



Bamboo Block Pattern Formations