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Bamboo Flooring Blog

  • Case Study - YEOVIL, SOMERSET

    Rustic carbonised bamboo flooring throughout the hallway and living area of a Victorian style home

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    Chestnut parquet block bamboo flooring used throughout this stunning holiday home in the Welsh countryside

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  • Facts about Bamboo

    We thought you might like to know some interesting facts about bamboo!

    • Firstly, bamboo is a grass, not a tree like some people think. It is the largest grass in the world, and the only type that can diversify into a forest.


    • There are around 1500 different species of bamboo, ranging from small decorative species, through to huge bamboo forests.


    • It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. One species has even been recorded to grow over 90cm per day! A bamboo plant can be fully matured in around 5 years, compared to decades for a hardwood tree. It even has the Guinness World Record for the fastest growing plant!


    • Another fact about Bamboo is that native to subtropical regions, including Asia, South America and Africa.


    • The bamboo plant is very resilient. It can grow in many different climates and survive extreme conditions.  Some bamboo plants have been found in the Andes and Himalayas where temperatures drop below -20°C.  It has also been known as the only surviving plant after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.


    • In Asian cuisine, bamboo is readily eaten in soups, salad and stir fries.


    • You will find bamboo is extremely strong. It has incredible tensile strength, which is why it is used widely in the construction industry – especially for scaffolding, flooring and furniture.
    • Bamboo plants release 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees. It also absorbs more carbon dioxide, therefore significantly helps the environment.


    • Amazingly, bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. Once the crop has been harvested the root will continue to grow to provide more abundant crops.


    • One more bamboo facts is that it requires no chemicals or fertilizers to grow. It uses its own leaves that fall to the ground, which provide all of the nutrients it needs for healthy growth.
    • You can use bamboo for a wide range of everyday products. Some of the most popular include: clothes, flooring, furniture, towels, kitchen utensils, and even skateboards and bicycle frames.
    • Finally, many animals consume bamboo, the most famous being the Panda Bear.
    Upward shot of bamboo forest Bamboo Forest
  • Horizontal Vs Vertical Bamboo Flooring

    Horizontal Vs Vertical bamboo flooring is something we get asked about quite a lot.  The simple answer is that it is purely down to personal reference of the way that each type of flooring looks.  Both horizontal and vertical bamboo have the same properties and benefits, they just have a slightly different grain pattern due to the way that the planks are made. Continue reading

  • What is bamboo and what products are made from it?

    For years products made from bamboo have become increasingly popular and you may be wondering, what actually is bamboo and what other products are made from it?

    Generally speaking, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource.  We love that it is being used for more and more everyday products, meaning that we can all play our part in looking after this amazing planet. Continue reading

  • Simple Steps to Cleaning your Bamboo Floor

    When you are cleaning your bamboo floor there are some simple steps you can take to ensure you are achieving a thorough clean without causing any damage.  Bamboo flooring is easy to clean.  You will find bamboo floors fairly resilient, but you do need to be careful about which cleaning products you use. Continue reading

  • Amazing Parquet Patterns

    You can create amazing parquet patterns with our bamboo parquet block flooring.  The small blocks of bamboo are uniform in size. This allows you to install them in a number of different ways. In recent years the popularity of parquet block bamboo flooring has grown.  Wooden parquet block flooring has always been popular, but by choosing bamboo you are getting the added sustainability and durability of the product.  Furthermore, all of our parquet block bamboo flooring is made from strand woven bamboo, which is over twice as hard as Oak flooring. Continue reading

  • Top 5 bamboo flooring colours

    There are a wide range of bamboo flooring colours to choose from.  The choice is usually down to personal preference and the colour scheme of your room.  Bamboo flooring can last a lifetime if you look after it properly, so you might want to think about choosing a colour that will be timeless and suit your home, even when you may change the wallpaper, paint or furnishings in years to come. Continue reading

  • Why bamboo flooring has become so popular  

    Over recent years, bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular.  There are many reasons for this. We feel that the main two are the sustainability of the bamboo, and the reasonable price of the floor, compared to other natural flooring options.  With the rise in popularity of bamboo flooring, we have increased our range of styles and colours, to keep up with demand. We also want to be able to offer a varied and diverse collection of bamboo flooring and accessories. Continue reading

  • New Autumn Hazelnut Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

    Autumn Hazelnut is one of the newest colours of our strand woven bamboo flooring. With rich and dark brown tones throughout it will definitely add elegance and style to your home. The planks are made from the most hardwearing and stable type of bamboo flooring – strand woven bamboo.  This means that it is a perfect choice for almost any room in your home, including busy areas like living spaces and entrance halls. Continue reading

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