Parquet Block Colours

Parquet Block Colours

This entry was posted on April 26, 2022 by sam elliott

We have a range of four bamboo parquet block colours for you to choose from.  As parquet block flooring has become more popular, we have expanded our colour range.  The four colour choices that you have are natural, carbonised, stone grey and chestnut.  With bamboo parquet block flooring you also have the choice of how to install the blocks.  The pattern that you are probably most familiar with is herringbone, where the flooring creates a ‘v’ shape.  Alternatively, you could also create a brick bond pattern, which is where the blocks are laid out in parallel rows.  Finally, you could opt for a basket weave pattern.  This will look like small square sections across your floor.


It is worth thinking about both your pattern choice and the colour when you are designing your floor.  Here are the four main parquet block colours that we can offer:  

Natural Bamboo Parquet

This is the natural, golden and blonde tones of bamboo.  No stain has been added so you get the true beauty of the bamboo shining through.


Carbonised Bamboo Parquet

The bamboo has been carbonised (smoked) to create a medium brown colour with coffee tones running throughout.    


Stone Grey Bamboo Parquet

A mid grey colour stain has been applied to the surface of the parquet block.    


Chestnut Bamboo Parquet

A rich, dark brown colour stain has been applied to the surface of the parquet blocks.  


All of these four floors are made in exactly the same way and have the same benefits.  Here is why you should choose bamboo parquet block flooring:

• First of all, bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly

• It is more cost effective than a wooden floor

• Obviously, it looks stunning

• Also, it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring

• You will find it easy to keep clean and look after

• Furthermore, bamboo parquet block is compatible with underfloor heating

You can use it at home or in a commercial property

Finally, you will not be disappointed


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