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Problems with Bamboo Flooring: Scratches or Dents

Bamboo flooring is extremely easy to maintain, but scratches and dents are inevitable with daily wear and tear.  The biggest cause of scratches and dents to bamboo flooring is dirt or grit on your shoes, and then walked over your floor.

Trouble Shooting with Bamboo Flooring - scratch Scratch caused by dragging sofa across the bamboo floor

How to prevent scratches and dents from occurring
Follow these simple steps to prevent scratches and dents on your bamboo floor:

  • Sweep your floor on a daily basis with a soft brush
  • Ask everyone to remove outdoor footwear
  • Place doormats at all entrance doors
  • Do not drag sharp or heavy objects across the floor
How to keep my bamboo floor scratch-free - pads felt protector pads which can be added to the bottom of furnitue

For more information, see our article: ‘How to look after bamboo flooring’