Quick Guide to Mops for Bamboo Flooring

Quick Guide to Mops for Bamboo Flooring

Quick Guide to Mops for Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on June 29, 2020 by sam elliott

Bamboo flooring is fairly resilient but it should be looked after and cleaned correctly, with the appropriate equipment.  Like any hard floor, you should sweep to remove the dirt and then mop to clean the surface.  There are many different types of mops available so here is our quick guide on which to use.


Wooden floor mop

A wooden floor mop is the ideal partner for bamboo flooring.  It offers a gentle but effective clean with an easy to use handle.  We would recommend using a Bona Spray Mop.  It has removable and washable, microfibre cleaning pads, with a spray bottle attached to the handle.  It is extremely easy to use. 


Regular mop and bucket

A regular mop can be used to clean bamboo flooring.  The mop must be fully wrung out and be damp rather than wet.  If the mop is too wet there is a danger that any excess water left on the surface of the bamboo may soak into it and cause water damage.

Lime green and grey bucket and mop


Flat mop

Flat mops are becoming more popular as the are easy to use and effectively clean the floor with a sweeping motion. They can be used on bamboo flooring, although you should be careful if you are using floor cleaning solution alongside it.  Only use products that are suitable for wooden or bamboo floors.  Nothing harsh or abrasive.  


Sponge mop

A sponge mop can be used to clean bamboo floors too. Just make sure that the sponge is fully wrung out and not dripping wet.  Never allow water to sit on the surface of your bamboo floor. Also, be mindful that you are using the correct floor cleaner with the mop.  Ideally it should be a gentle pH neutral cleaner.  


Steam mop

Finally, never use a steam mop on a bamboo or wooden floor.  The heat and steam can penetrate into the bamboo (or wood) and cause it to change shape and discolour.  


Quick guide to mops:

Here is all of the information that you need in order to know which mop is suitable with your bamboo floor:

Furthermore, we have a whole range of cleaning accessories and mops for you to look at.    

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