Reasons to use a felt protector pads

Reasons to use a felt protector pads

Reasons to use a felt protector pads

This entry was posted on July 1, 2024 by sam elliott

What is a felt protector pad?

Felt protector pads are an amazing product that can help to maintain the beauty and shine of your bamboo floor.  They are small round or square pads of felt that can be fixed to objects (usually furniture). The felt has anti-scratch properties, and the soft padding acts as a cushion between the object and your floor.

You have the choice between different types of felt protector pads: either self-adhesive felt pads for quick use, or screw in pads for longer lasting and more secure results.

The main purpose of the felt pads are to prevent scratches and unwanted dents when you are moving around furniture. If you drag, drop or move heavy objects across your bamboo floor, you are likely to leave small scratches or indentations to the surface.  By using felt protector pads you can reduce this risk significantly. It’s up to you where you use them but we would highly recommend using them on furniture and any other objects that are frequently moved across your floor


What are the reasons to use them?

• To create a barrier between sharp objects and your floor.

• They can prevent unwanted scratches to the surface of your bamboo.

• To protect your floor from furniture.


For more information about maintaining your bamboo floor, check out our Bamboo Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide.