Reasons to use bamboo flooring accessories

Reasons to use bamboo flooring accessories

Reasons to use bamboo flooring accessories

This entry was posted on May 17, 2024 by sam elliott

We often get asked about using matching bamboo flooring accessories when having a bamboo floor.  During the installation process of your bamboo, you will have to leave an expansion gap around the edge of the room (this includes doorways, around fireplaces and pipework). Basically, the bamboo needs to be free to expand and contract, and if it is touching anything fixed, then this can restrict the natural movement. Now, obviously you won’t want to leave these expansion gaps for everyone to see, so this is where a bamboo flooring accessory is useful.


Here are some reasons why you will need bamboo accessories:

• To cover an expansion gap around the edge of your room.  This could be bamboo skirting, or if you have opted to keep your original skirting board, then you would use beading to cover the gaps.

• Gaps should also be left in doorways, so you will want to use a bamboo door bar to cover this over.  There are various kinds depending on what other floor coverings you have, so contact us if you are not sure which one is best for your project.

• If you have radiator pipes going into the ground, you can cover these gaps with a bamboo pipe cover.

• Finally, if you are cladding your staircase with bamboo flooring, you will need a bamboo stair nosing to cover the edge of each step.

We have bamboo flooring accessories that match all of our styles and colours of flooring.  Alternatively, you could opt for a contrasting colour of accessory – the choice is yours!