Should I choose Distressed Bamboo?

Should I choose Distressed Bamboo?

This entry was posted on June 22, 2022 by sam elliott

A distressed bamboo floor can be great to choose if you are looking for a natural feeling floor that is eco-friendly and sustainable.  The distress marks on the bamboo allow extra character and charm to show through, whilst giving it a natural textured appearance.  It can be the perfect choice for your home or a commercial area as it is strong a durable.


What exactly is a distressed bamboo floor?

Our distressed bamboo floors are made from strand woven bamboo, which is over twice as hard as Oak. This makes them perfect for any busy areas in your home.  The planks of bamboo have been slightly distressed on the surface to give you a textured and rustic feel.  Here is a quick overview of distressed bamboo flooring:

• The surface of the planks has been intentionally distressed

• This textured surface gives additional character and authenticity

• It is made from strand woven bamboo which makes the floor extremely hard

• Its versatility means that you can use it in any room in your home (except bathrooms)

• You can also use it in commercial areas

• Distressed bamboo is available in a few different colours

• The click fitting system makes it easy to install

• It is compatible with underfloor heating systems and can be used in conservatories

• You will find it really easy to keep clean and look after

• It will last a lifetime if you care for it properly

Chestnut strand woven bamboo flooring

Which bamboo floors are distressed?

We have a range of colours to choose:

• Pebble Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

• Stone Grey Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

• Chestnut Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

• Carbonised Strand Woven Brushed Bamboo


All of these floors are made from strand woven bamboo and have a click fitting system.  This allows you to install them easily.  You can either float the planks over an underlay or fix them directly down to the subfloor using glue or nails.  However, if you choose to use distressed bamboo flooring in a commercial property, you must glue it down to the subfloor to give additional strength and stability.  

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