Should I choose light coloured bamboo flooring?

Should I choose light coloured bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on August 23, 2019 by chris elliott

Light coloured bamboo floor is perfect if you want to create a natural and bright space.  Light coloured floors are becoming very popular with modern homes as they offer a clean and fresh appearance.  Bamboo is no exception; its eco-friendliness and sustainability adds to the advantages of this hardwearing and elegant floor covering.


About light coloured bamboo flooring?

Bamboo is naturally light in colour, and contains both pale and golden tones.  If you are looking for a light coloured floor, then you may want to check out our natural horizontal bamboo or natural vertical bamboo.  They are both the same colour, but made in a slightly different way, giving a different grain and pattern appearance. Alternatively, if you are looking for something even lighter in colour, you may want to consider a bamboo flooring that has been colour stained. 

All of our stained floors have been made using strand woven bamboo, so they are extremely durable and hardwearing.  Then a colour stain has been added to the surface.  Have a look at Pebble Grey Bamboo in our range of light coloured floors. If you still want a light coloured floor but can’t find a bamboo floor that matches you requirements, why not have a look at some of our light coloured wooden floors. 


Why choose pale bamboo flooring?

Choosing a light coloured floor is perfect if you have any of the following:

• A large room that has dark furnishings and décor

• A small room that you want to brighten up

• Conservatories or rooms that you want to feel peaceful and relaxing

• Children’s bedrooms or nurseries – you can add pops of colour with feature walls and artwork

• Any spaces that are dark, without much natural light

• Modern homes that want to offer a minimalist feel


There are so many different styles and shades of light coloured flooring, so we would always recommend that you order some free flooring samples 


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