Strand woven bamboo flooring explained

Strand woven bamboo flooring explained

This entry was posted on April 15, 2021 by sam elliott

Strand woven bamboo flooring has grown extremely popular over the recent years, but why?  Below is a guide to explain strand woven bamboo flooring in more detail.


What is strand woven flooring?

It is a type of bamboo flooring which has been produced in such a way to give it additional strength, stability and durability.  The flooring itself is over twice as hard as Oak flooring, making it a popular alternative to wooden floors.  Strand woven bamboo is offered in a range of colours, styles and surface finishes. 

How is it made?

Strands of bamboo are woven together and compressed (under extreme pressure) to form the plank shape.  Then, the fitting system is added to the flooring, it is sanded and finally a protective surface finish is added.  This process of manufacture makes a durable and hard-wearing floor covering.  


What are the benefits?

• Strong, durable and dimensionally stable

• Sustainable and eco-friendly

• Available in parquet block or plank

• Range of colours to choose from

• Versatile

• Float over an underlay or fix down

• Different styles and surface finishes

• Compatible with underfloor heating

• Easy to look after and maintain

• Hygienic


Where can I use strand woven bamboo flooring?

You can use it in almost any room in your home.  As it is extremely hard wearing it is great for busy areas such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens.  It can give a fresh and clean feel to bedroom, nurseries, and home offices.  Some types of bamboo flooring is compatible with underfloor heating and suitable for use in conservatories.  You even have the option of using it on your staircase!  The only areas you should not use bamboo is in wet rooms or bathrooms. You can also use it in commercial properties .

For more details have a look at: Guide to strand woven bamboo flooring.