Taupe Coloured Bamboo Flooring

Taupe Coloured Bamboo Flooring

Taupe Coloured Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on June 15, 2022 by sam elliott

Taupe coloured bamboo is a great choice as it brings together brown and grey tones to give you a rich, warm but modern coloured floor.  Our Antique Taupe bamboo is made from strand woven bamboo, which is hard wearing and durable.  The planks have a slight texture on the surface, offering a natural and authentic feel.  The combination of a brown and grey colour is the perfect choice for anyone who can’t quite decide between the two.  With these warm tones of the taupe, you are sure to be able to match it to your existing décor. It will add a fresh and modern appeal to any room, whilst also adding character and sophistication.


Why should I choose a taupe coloured bamboo floor?

Our Antique Taupe floor is a great choice.  Here are some reasons why:

• Firstly, you are getting a beautiful warm and rich colour in your home

• The taupe colour matches most styles and themes of decor

• It is versatile and can be used in most any rooms in your house

• Also, the floor is hardwearing and extremely durable

• Furthermore, bamboo is far more sustainable and eco-friendlier than wooden flooring options

• You will find it easy to look after

• To finish the look of your room we have matching flooring accessories

• Another great benefit is that it has a click fitting system, so it’s easy to fit

• You have the choice of either floating it over an underlay or fixing into position

• Finally, it is compatible with underfloor heating


What other colours are available?

If taupe isn’t quite your colour, we do have a wide range of different colours and styles to choose from.  Our colours include, natural, carbonised, chestnut brown, stone grey and pebble grey. 


We also have different styles available.  Choose from plank style flooring or parquet block.  

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