The benefits of using felt protector pads with bamboo flooring

The benefits of using felt protector pads with bamboo flooring

The benefits of using felt protector pads with bamboo flooring

This entry was posted on February 10, 2020 by chris elliott

Felt protector pads are a fantastic product that can help you to maintain the beauty and shine of your bamboo floor.  They help to prevent scratches and unwanted dents when you are moving around furniture.  We really recommend using felt protector pads in all areas with bamboo or wooden floors.


What are felt protector pads?

Felt protector pads are small round or square pads of felt that can be fixed to objects. The felt is anti-scratch, and their soft padding acts as a cushion between the object and your floor.  You can choose from self-adhesive felt pads for quick use, or alternatively a screw in version for long lasting results. If you drag, drop or move heavy objects across your bamboo floor, it is likely to leave small scratches to the surface.  Using felt protector pads is the ideal solution.  You can put them on anything you like but we would highly recommend using them on furniture or objects that are frequently moved.  Such as, dining room chairs, footstools or coffee tables. We stock a range of shapes and sizes of pads which can be used on all kids of furniture, toys and other objects. 


What else can I do to prevent damage to my bamboo floor?

The best thing to do is keep your floor clean.  By removing dust and dirt from the surface of your floor you are preventing dents and scratches. If any grit, dirt or stones are on the surface of you floor and walked on, they can damage the bamboo.  Here are a few things to be mindful of:

• Sweep and clean your floor regularly

• Do not walk on a bamboo floor with wet or dirty shoes, ideally remove your footwear

• Avoid wearing stiletto heels on a bamboo floor

• Always lift furniture or heavy objects when moving them around

• Possibly use a door mat at entrance doors to catch any dirt and debris

• Only use cleaning products specifically for bamboo or wooden floors


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