The best bamboo floor for my home

The best bamboo floor for my home

This entry was posted on September 15, 2022 by sam elliott

You can use any of our bamboo floors in your home. Bamboo flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to wooden flooring and can be used in most rooms in your home. Some types of bamboo are stronger than others, and there are various colours and styles to choose from.  When choosing your new floor here are some things to consider.


What is the strongest type of bamboo flooring?

If you are looking for a strong, durable and hard-wearing bamboo floor for your home then we would recommend Strand Woven Bamboo. It is over twice as hard as Oak flooring and has been designed for use in busy areas.  It makes the perfect companion for hallways, living spaces, bedrooms and kitchens.


What colours are available?

We have a wide range of colour options.  Natural bamboo is a golden colour, similar to Oak, but we also have lots of different colour stained and carbonised options.  Our full range includes carbonised brown, autumn hazelnut, taupe, stone grey, pebble grey and dark chestnut brown. Here are just a few to choose from:

The different colours of bamboo flooring


What styles are there to choose from?

The two main styles are either plank or parquet block. Plank style is the traditional planks of flooring that are laid in a random configuration. Parquet blocks are smaller blocks of flooring that can be used to create geometric patterns.  The most popular styles of parquet block are herringbone, basket weave and brick bond.  Our plank bamboo is available in our full colour range, whereas parquet block is limited to just a few of our best-selling colours.  

If you are still unsure, we would highly recommend coming into our showroom to see all of our floors. 

Alternatively, you can order some free samples so that you can see them in the comfort of your own home.