The best bamboo flooring for pets

The best bamboo flooring for pets

This entry was posted on October 12, 2022 by sam elliott

If you have pets, then a bamboo floor is a great choice for you. All of our bamboo floors are easy to keep clean and extremely hygienic. As you will know, having a dog or cat is amazing, but comes with its downsides of pet hair and dirty paw marks.  If you have a carpet throughout your home, then you may find it quite difficult to keep clean and free of pet hair.  The beauty of bamboo flooring is that it is quick and easy to clean.


Why choose a bamboo floor?

Here are just a few reasons why we think a bamboo floor is a great choice for a home with pets:

• Your bamboo flooring will be durable and hardwearing.

• Some of our bamboo floors have a protective anti-slip lacquer on the surface.

• You can easily sweep away pet hair.

• If your pets have a little ‘accident’ it is not likely to damage the floor if you wipe it away straight away.

• Bamboo is hygienic and easy to keep clean and fresh.

• All of our bamboo floors are sustainable and eco-friendly.

• It is a cost-effective alternative to a wooden floor.

• Bamboo will not start to smell or harbor pet hair like a carpet would over time.

• There are lots of styles and colours to choose from, including parquet block and plank style.

Antique Taupe Bamboo Flooring


Which bamboo flooring is best for pets?

Any of our bamboo floors are pet friendly, but strand woven bamboo is more hard-wearing and resilient. It is over twice as hard as Oak flooring so can withstand heavy paws running across it.  With strand woven bamboo you also have the benefit of an anti-slip lacquer present on the surface of the bamboo, which will make the floor less slippery for your furry friends.

Have a look at our range of bamboo flooring in more detail.

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