The most popular colours of bamboo flooring

The most popular colours of bamboo flooring

The most popular colours of bamboo flooring

This entry was posted on April 29, 2020 by chris elliott

There are many popular colours of bamboo flooring.  Trends and fashions change with time, but beyond that the core colours of bamboo flooring are always the most popular.  They offer an elegance and a timeless appeal.  As bamboo flooring can last a lifetime, people often choose a colour of flooring that will go with any style of décor.  This means that as the wallpaper, paint and furnishings change, the bamboo floor will continue to complement its new surroundings.


The two most popular colours of bamboo flooring

By far, the two most popular colours of bamboo flooring are natural and carbonised. These are the original colours of bamboo flooring and have remained popular even though there are many other colour options to choose from now Natural bamboo is the natural colour of the bamboo.  It is light in colour with golden tones running throughout.  It helps to brighten up a dark interior and can offer a fresh and clean appearance. Carbonised bamboo flooring is a coffee brown colour.  The bamboo has been smoked to give it this rich tone.  It will instantly add character and style to both traditional and modern homes. Both of these colours will easily complement most styles and colours of interior, whilst giving a warm and sophisticated appearance.


What other colours are available?

Here are some more of our colours of bamboo flooring:

• Pebble – this is a pale grey colour

• Stone Grey – this is a deeper medium grey

• Chestnut – a rich dark brown

• Rustic Carbonised – a medium brown colour with black streaks throughout


If you are still not sure about which colour of bamboo flooring to choose, why not order some of our free samples.  This is a great opportunity to look at the samples in the comfort of your own home.

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