Using rugs with bamboo flooring

Using rugs with bamboo flooring

This entry was posted on March 2, 2015 by chris elliott

A rug can help to protect your bamboo floor from inevitable, small scratches and dents, especially if used in areas of high footfall, including living spaces and hallways.

Bamboo 24. Rug


Types of rugs available

Rugs are available in a range of qualities, fabrics, colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, depending on your personal taste, décor and furniture.  With such a wide range of rugs available it is easy to find one to match and enhance your interior, or add a burst of colour or focal point to your room.  If you want your rug to last for a long time, it is advisable to choose a high quality rug made from natural products, such as: wool, cotton or other natural blends as this will help to complement the eco-friendliness of your bamboo flooring. When placed on a bamboo floor, rugs are likely to move or slip when walked on.  To prevent unwanted movement and accidents from occurring, a non-slip grip sheet can be placed underneath the rug.


Cleaning tips for rugs and bamboo flooring

A rug should be cleaned, with a vacuum cleaner, as often as a normal carpet (at least weekly) to ensure that dirt and debris cannot build up and be transferred to your bamboo floor to cause damage.  Your bamboo floor underneath the rug should also be cleaned regularly.  To do this, the rug should be moved so that the floor can be swept and cleaned with a specially designed PH neutral wood floor cleaning spray and soft mop.  The floor should be completely dry before the rug is replaced to avoid any moisture being trapped between the floor and the rug, as this could cause irreversible damage to the floor.


Discoloration from sunlight

Sunlight can cause bamboo flooring to fade and change colour over time.  This is not usually a problem as it happens evenly across the whole floor.  However, if a rug is being used, it may leave a tell-tale mark where it has been as the remaining area of flooring fades naturally over time.  The most significant colour change of bamboo flooring occurs in the first two to three months, so it is advisable not to use a rug on a recently installed floor.  It is also recommended that the rug is moved around slightly to prevent noticeable discolouration in one particular area. Another tip is to close curtains and blinds in the height of the summer and on particularly sunny days.  

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