What is a bamboo wear layer?

What is a bamboo wear layer?

This entry was posted on March 24, 2021 by sam elliott

A bamboo wear layer is a part of the plank of flooring associated with engineered bamboo.  It is the most important part of your bamboo flooring, as it is the part that you will see once it is installed, and the element of the flooring that you will walk on.


Bamboo wear layer explained…

The bamboo wear layer is the top surface of the engineered bamboo flooring.  This is the part that you see, feel and walk on. Once you have installed the engineered bamboo flooring, it looks no different to solid bamboo flooring. This is because all that you can see is the surface of the bamboo.  Engineered bamboo flooring generally has a wear layer (surface layer of bamboo) of 4mm in thickness in strand woven bamboo. You can choose from either natural bamboo, which is a golden colour, or carbonised bamboo which has darker coffee coloured tones. [Engineered carbonised strand woven bamboo flooring

What is engineered bamboo flooring?

Engineered bamboo flooring is made from a base layer of plywood running perpendicular to a top layer, or the ‘wear layer’ of bamboo.  This structural process gives dimensional stability to the planks of bamboo flooring.  All of our engineered planks of bamboo flooring have an easy to use click fitting system.  This means that they can be floated over an underlay. Engineered strand woven bamboo flooring is strong, durable and versatile.  You can use it in almost any room in your home, even in commercial properties.  The flooring is compatible with underfloor hearting systems and suitable to be used in conservatories. It is extremely easy to look after and keep clean, see our maintenance guide for tips and advice on keeping your bamboo floor looking fresh and new.  We also have a range of matching bamboo flooring accessories to finish the look of your room! Furthermore, if you would like any more information, please contact us. 


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