What is carbonised bamboo flooring?

What is carbonised bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on May 14, 2014 by chris elliott

Carbonised bamboo flooring has been smoked in an industrial kiln to provide light and dark brown coffee coloured tones. Bamboo flooring accessories and mouldings are also offered in a carbonised colour to complement your choice of flooring. These include skirting, beading, pipe covers, thresholds, flush reducers, T mouldings and stair nosing.

What is carbonised bamboo flooring - carbonised bamboo

How carbonised bamboo flooring is made

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, rapid growing grass which reaches maturity in around five years. After it has been harvested, the thick, green outer layer is removed, and the remaining bamboo is cut into thin strips or fibre strands (for strand woven bamboo). These strips or strands are then boiled and dried to remove excess moisture.

How is bamboo flooring made

As the finished appearance of the bamboo is ‘carbonised’ then the raw strips or strands of bamboo are now smoked under extreme heat and pressure to create a deep brown, coffee colour. The carbonised strips and strands are checked for imperfections before the manufacturing process begins.

The bamboo is now glued together horizontally or vertically, or for strand woven bamboo flooring the strands are woven together and compressed with a resin under pressure. The flooring is then made into planks using a machine, which adds the necessary fitting system (tongue and groove or click system). Finally, layers of protective lacquer are added to the flooring planks before they are ready to be packaged.