What is natural bamboo flooring?

What is natural bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on May 9, 2014 by chris elliott

Natural bamboo flooring represents the natural colour of bamboo, which has blonde and yellow tones. A natural bamboo floor can be found in three different construction types: horizontal, vertical and strand woven. In addition, bamboo flooring accessories and mouldings are also available in a natural colour. These include pipe covers, thresholds, quarter rounds, stair nosing, skirting and T mouldings, which will help to add the finishing touches to your room.

What is natural bamboo flooring

How natural bamboo flooring is made

Bamboo is a rapid growing grass native to China. It reaches maturity and can be harvested every five years. Once harvested, the bamboo is stripped of the thick, outer, green layer and cut into thin, flat strips (or shredded into strands for strand woven bamboo). The strips or strands are now boiled and dried in a low heat kiln to remove any moisture and checked for any defects.

How is bamboo flooring made

As the desired colour of the flooring is ‘natural’, the strips or strands of bamboo are left in their natural state and either glued together horizontally or vertically, or woven together and compressed (for strand woven flooring). They are then machined into planks of flooring with an appropriate fitting system added, and protective layers of lacquer are applied to complete the flooring.