Where can I use Bamboo Flooring?

Where can I use Bamboo Flooring?

This entry was posted on September 3, 2021 by sam elliott

You can use bamboo flooring in most rooms in your home, and some types are durable enough for commercial use.  Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice as it is versatile, easy to look after, looks beautiful and is a sustainable natural floor covering.


Where can I use bamboo flooring in my home?

You can use bamboo flooring in almost any room in your home.  It is versatile and durable, but the only places you shouldn’t use it is in wet areas like bathrooms and utility rooms.  There are two main types of flooring:

• Horizontal and Vertical

• Strand Woven

Horizontal and vertical flooring is as hard as Oak and can be used in most rooms in your home. Strand woven is over twice as hard as Oak, so is perfect for busy areas like hallways and living spaces. There are far more colour options and style choices with strand woven bamboo flooring. You can even use some types of strand woven bamboo flooring with underfloor heating systems.  See our range of flooring for underfloor heating. We have matching flooring accessories too.  This allows you to add the finishing touches to the room, or even have bamboo flooring on your staircase!  


Which  can I use in a commercial property?

Our range of strand woven bamboo flooring is suitable for use in commercial properties.  Due to the high footfall that it is likely to receive, the flooring must be glued down with a full surface bond.  This will provide a stable and balanced floor that will withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy area.


Quick guide to where I can use the flooring:

*You can only use some types of strand woven with underfloor heating. 


See our range here. If you would like to order free samples, please see our website.

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